In the Cloud with: Samsung

Altibase, the go-to source for mission critical in-memory database management strategies, teamed with Samsung to solve an issue with the foundation of their DBMS. With experience solving database related issues for global leaders in various industries, we were the optimal choice to provide them with a scalable, satisfying, high-performance product to solve their database concerns.



Ranked #20 in Forbes Global 2000, Samsung Electronics is the worldwide leader in smartphones and smart TV’s. With such a vast customer base, it is vital that they have a trustworthy and dependable database management system. Previously, Samsung was experiencing issues with their DBMS, and could not provide stable authentication service on Amazon EC2 AWS Cloud for its users, generating issues with customer satisfaction, market penetration, and overall success. Their back end system at the time failed, and the authentication service for the global company was halted for several hours. Once this issue was fixed, the data that was lost during this period could not be recovered, and Samsung knew that they needed to pursue a strong solution that could recover data in the event of a future system failure, but also, avoid them altogether.


They needed a system that would provide stable, non-stop service to their customers worldwide – something that they could offer with confidence to 100+ million users worldwide.




Samsung utilized the ALTIBASE HBD In-Memory Database’s Hybrid architecture-a high performance product, and a great fit with the capabilities required to void a further stop in service. A combination of our in-memory database and unified on-disk products provide Samsung with the results they needed.


  • Substantial decrease in Total Cost of Ownership (TCO)
  • System flexibility & reliability
  • Elimination of data loss, speed, and downtime  issues
  • Confidence that their systems can handle their growing customer base


With an increase in app users that their systems can now handle, Samsung has seen higher profitability, revenue growth, and increased customer satisfaction with their platform.

If our product capabilities and reputation don’t yet have you convinced, read on to learn about how we were able to help out our friends at Samsung in the comprehensive case study on our work, here. 

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