Altibase In-Memory Database Selected for Fingerprint and Palm IdentificationSystem by National Police Agency in South Korea, for Real-Time Crime-Scene Investigations

The Korean National Police Agency (KNPA) handles all of South Korea’s policing. The KNPA monitors, investigates and fights crime for over 50 million citizens. The KNPA has deployed Altibase’s In-Memory database to fortify its criminal investigations by leveraging the benefits of real-time data that is at the ready.

According to the United Nations, South Korea is one of the safest countries in the world while having the 15th largest GDP. In the United Nations Office of Drugs and Crime’s “Global Study on Homicide,” South Korea has less than half of the “intentional” homicide rate as compared to the rest of the world with 2.8 intentional homicides per 100,000 inhabitants vs. the worldwide average of 6.9 homicides per 100,000 inhabitants. Additionally, the same study shows the United States with 4.8 per 100,000 inhabitants.

Since 1999, Altibase has proven its ability to provide high-performance, reliable, and scalable In-Memory database solutions with over 500 enterprise clients and thousands of deployments commercially as well as public sectors. It is through this maturity that the most discerning global organizations rely on Altibase for their mission-critical data management needs.

“Altibase is thrilled to be a vital part in preventing and solving crime for the KNPA. ALTIBASE HDB’s ™ intrinsic hybrid architecture combines the power of real-time speed with massive storage capacity and is the perfect solution for live fingerprints and palms that occur at the scene of the crime to cross reference with historical fingerprints and palms – all to hone in on suspects quickly and accurately. ” – Chris Chung, CEO of Altibase Inc.

According to the KNPA, it chose Altibase for its fingerprint and palm data management due to Altibase’s proven capability to join stability and speed in a single solution. Further, the KNPA indicated that forensic investigation in real-time is critical to swiftly narrow down suspects by utilizing fingerprint and palm data and analysis at the time of the crime.

“Fingerprints started out as ways to identify criminals, not in terms of evidence in court, but to tell Tom from Joe. When scientists found out that every person’s fingerprints were different, even identical twins, then prints became crime scene evidence.” – Tom Burr, Fingerprint Analyst

“As real-time forensic data increases the chances of criminal apprehension, I am especially pleased that the KNPA adopted ALTIBASE HDB™ after already replacing its Oracle database for other applications in recent years. The confidence that the KNPA has in Altibase is what motivates Altibase to do more each and every day to assure absolute data integrity, extreme performance and 100% uptime.” –Chris Chung, CEO of Altibase Inc.

For nearly 15 years, Altibase has cemented its position as the most battle-tested solution in the In-Memory database space by leveraging its rich sets of installations and focusing on only In-Memory computing. ALTIBASE HDB’s ™ In-Memory and On-Disk database resides in a single unified engine combining speed and storage in one flexible solution. Altibase has received numerous awards and recognitions from both government and IT leaders for its excellence in In-Memory database management software solutions, pioneering R&D and leadership in In-Memory Computing.

Altibase and Akeydor Limited Announce Global Partnership

Altibase, the World Leader in In-Memory Data Management Systems provides high performance computing solutions to leading enterprise companies worldwide, and Akeydor Limited, the Global Integrator of Secure and Robust Software Technologies, Systems and Devices, announce today a Global Partnership. The partnership marks further propagation of the world’s fastest high performance In-Memory database with hybrid architecture to the Global market.

Organizations today need technologies which can store more data while efficiently utilizing CPU, memory and optimizing disk space. Scalability and Big Data processing are core requirements of the growing demands of data management strategies. Global companies are participating in a major shift from traditional database technologies to new possibilities. Such changes lead to the adoption of breakthrough technologies such as Altibase’s In-Memory Computing (IMC), which replace the traditional methods and are reshaping the way data is managed. Altibase’s unique, proprietary technology combines the essentials of traditional disk-based relational databases such as absolute ACID compliance, data integrity, zero-latency and 100% uptime with the power of In-Memory, RAM based performance.

“Altibase’s solutions coupled with its 18 years of R&D experience are the go-to solution for thousands of deployments for the most discerning clients in the world. We are literally at the doorstep of comprehensive, mainstream adoption by all of the Global 2000. Our partnership with Akeydor is a milestone that designates Altibase’s commitment to rapidly growing Altibase’s In-Memory solutions throughout the world. Akeydor is a partner that symbolizes a truly valuable relationship that allows for rapid adoption of Altibase’s time-proven In-Memory solutions in today’s demanding data market” – Chris Chung, CEO of Altibase Inc.

A recent study by Forrester Research found that downtime costs of a leading security company exceeded 8 million dollars per hour. 49% of the Fortune 500 experience at least 1.6 hours of downtime per week, which equates to 80 hours annually according to a Dunn & Bradstreet. National Archives & Records Administration in Washington cites that 93% of companies that lost their data center for 10 days or more due to a disaster filed for bankruptcy within one year of the disaster. Further, 50% of businesses that found themselves without data management for this same time period filed for bankruptcy almost immediately. Altibase and Akeydor will play an important role towards equipping Enterprise Customers with the World’s Fastest and Best In-Memory Database with Hybrid Architecture.


For 18 years, with its beginnings as a government sponsored In-Memory Computing Research Initiative, Altibase has been and remains entrenched in rigorous R&D. Known for mission-critical solutions when money and lives are at stake, Altibase delivers peace of mind. With over 500 enterprise Clients, and thousands of deployments, Altibase has stood the test of time comprehensively understanding speed, scalability and reliability.

“Data stability, integrity and uninterrupted service are the hallmarks of successful integration of core data management strategies. Altibase understands how to deliver on these fundamentals, without fail, through the years of experience garnered by thousands of successful deployments in mission critical environments. Our new Global Partnership with Akeydor strengthens our communication to the Global markets and enables us to promote greater profitability, market share and comprehensive technological readiness for our customers in Retail, Finance, Banking and Government faster and efficiently” – Chris Chung, CEO of Altibase Inc.

ALTIBASE HDB™ with its Hybrid architecture combines the extreme speed of an In-Memory database with the storage capacity of on-disk database management in a single unified engine. Altibase is not only vertically scalable but has virtually no limitations to horizontal scalability with absolute ACID compliance. Its solutions have optimized performance, profitability and reliability in areas such as online trading, pairs trading, Algorithmic Trading, authentication, single sign-on, options trading, FX margin trading and FOREX exchanges including but not limited to E*TRADE, Samsung, HP and ministries of defense.

Akeydor announces it will employ the new High Performance in-Memory DBMS as one of its main, core and Innovative Technologies for the years to come, enabling its Customers globally to receive Real Time Data Management with zero latency, 100% Uptime, and Microsecond Big Data Speed.

“Data Management becomes increasingly complex, and therefore, it is a necessity for organizations to deploy mature and proven technologies that have stood the test of time. The explosion of new data requirements demands new and innovative products. Altibase can handle over 1.4 million transactions per second and no human can intercede at that speed. Altibase understands how to deliver stability, data integrity and an uninterrupted service, through years of experience and through thousands of successful deployments in mission critical environments”, – Michael Chatzilias, CEO of Akeydor Limited in London, England.