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Altibase and Akeydor Limited Announce Global Partnership

Altibase, the World Leader in In-Memory Data Management Systems provides high performance computing solutions to leading enterprise companies worldwide, and Akeydor Limited, the Global Integrator of Secure and Robust Software Technologies, Systems and Devices, announce today a Global Partnership. The partnership marks further propagation of the world’s fastest high performance In-Memory database with hybrid architecture […]

Altibase Inc. In-Memory Database Capable of Thwarting Stock Market Outages:World’s Fastest In-Memory Database has Zero Latency, 100% Uptime, Microsecond Big Data Speed

According to Reuters on August 22, 2013, the technology failure that halted trading on the NASDAQ for more than three hours this past Thursday brought the nation’s second largest exchange to its knees. The technical glitch further showcases how fragile the U.S. trading platforms are. It was the latest in a series of failures to […]

Altibase Announces its Inclusion in Gartner’s “Hype Cycle for Business Intelligence and Analytics, 2013″

Since 1999, Altibase has been a global leader in In-Memory Database solutions and is pleased to announce its inclusion in Gartner’s “Hype Cycle for Business Intelligence and Analytics, 2013.” “As a pure In-Memory Database company, Altibase is thrilled to be part of Gartner’s ‘Hype Cycle.’ In addition, as Gartner has identified In-Memory Database Management Systems […]


A database management system (DBMS), often confused with a database, is a system that allows people and applications to interact with data. Data refers to individual pieces of information and a database refers to the compilation of multiple pieces of data. A DBMS is vital in order to apply this information and make it useful. […]

Altibase Inc. Announces Donation of its In-Memory Database, a Gartner2012 Pick, to Universities and Colleges Nationwide

Since 1999, Altibase has established the reputation of being the most battle-tested In-Memory Database solution with an install base of 500+ enterprise clients and thousands of deployments. The demand for mature, reliable and proven In-Memory Database solutions is witnessing exponential growth. However, with the rapid introduction of technologies such as NoSQL, cached solutions, and other […]

Altibase Tackles the Growing Demand of In-Memory Database Solutions with New Partner Program

Altibase has announced that the company is seeing strong demand for its In-Memory data management solutions and will aggressively expand its Partner Program in the Americas and EMEA regions. Altibase is offering generous partnership incentives to satisfy the tremendous growth for its In-Memory database products.Altibase Tackles the Growing Demand of In-Memory Database Solutions with New […]

Altibase Inc. Announces Unprecedented Capability of “Per Second” Billing for WirelessMobile Carriers

Whether contract-based or prepaid, the cumulative effect of revenue leakage associated with batch (time-interval) updates and “per minute” billing is costing the mobile industry billions of dollars. Altibase Inc. arms mobile carriers with the ability to bill by the second, identify balances in real-time, and communicate that information with zero latency. The ability to handle […]

Altibase Inc. Announces Innovative Payment Program Allowing Start-Ups to Leverageits Enterprise Level In-Memory Database

The demand for mature, reliable and proven In-Memory Database solutions is resonating throughout the start-up community. Unfortunately, many start-ups settle for unproven database solutions placing their investors and businesses at risk. “We are thrilled to be the first to give the start-up community simple payment options that work for them. It is our goal to […]

Altibase Inc. Announces its Designation as the In-Memory Database Cloud Solution forthe Leader in Smart Phone App Authentication

Altibase Inc. is pleased to announce its selection as the total solution for user authentication for a top two smart phone manufacturer in the world (Company wishes to remain anonymous). With its 100+ Million app subscribers, authentication is critical to success. “We are very proud to be the backbone of such a vital component of […]